Are you considering counselling? When considering counselling, you may have something specific you want to think about. It may be that you need some time where you can truly be yourself with your feelings without fear of judgement. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what to talk about or what troubles us, but life is all about challenges. At times like these, talking with someone outside of your family or friend group can provide you with a place to be heard and to take time for yourself.

Therapeutic Coaching

Why choose Therapeutic Coaching? A therapeutic coach focuses on change and action. In Therapeutic coaching, the objective is to increase self-awareness, make choices explicit, and close the gap between potential and how things are currently. Therapeutic coaching emphasises development, while the therapy part focuses on preparation. There is a focus on how the 'there and then' may be affecting the 'here and now', but it is not primarily about understanding the past.

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How I can help you

There are many reasons why people seek counselling or Coaching. As an integrative therapist my approach to each session is tailored to your needs and goals. I work with clients short term and open ended. Face to Face and Online.

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Fees, and Cancellations Free 15 minutes initial telephone session My fee is £50 per session Sessions Offered Face to Face or you can opt for Online sessions to offer you more flexibility if you have a busy schedule or work shift patterns, or just don't want to travel.

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